Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where's Haley?

Quick, step outside. Up in the sky.
If you look hard enough, you just might see our esteemed Republican governor flying to who-knows-where at Mississippi taxpayer expense.
If you haven’t already seen it, check out the story in the Thursday edition of The Clarion-Ledger that points out that Gov. Haley Barbour has traveled 104,710 miles on state planes from Jan. 1, 2005, through June 30.
Some of those trips may have been legitimate – the ones to the Coast following Hurricane Katrina and Washington to lobby for Katrina help come to mind.
Others seem questionable, extremely questionable. One trip was 112 miles to Philadelphia. Another was a trip to Tunica for a Wayne Newton benefit.
Were those, and possibly others, really necessary at taxpayer expense?
Couldn’t Barbour have driven on his own time to Philadelphia? It isn’t that far.


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