Friday, September 22, 2006

Katrina profitting: The plot thickens

Republican state legislators Tommy Robertson of Moss Point and Jim Beckett of Bruce aren’t the only lawmakers apparently trying to profit from Katrina victims.
Now it comes to light that Republican state Rep. Jim Simpson Jr. of Gulfport also has entered the game.
Here’s the deal: Robertson and Beckett formed a company to finalize grants through the Homeowner Grant Program. They will earn $250 for every grant they finalize.
State officials said that 2,000-5,000 homeowners could receive grants, giving Robertson, a state senator, and Beckett, a state representative, the chance to pocket as much as $1.25 million.
Robertson and Beckett hired Simpson to finalize grants in the 1st Judicial District of Harrison County. The Mississippi Press in Pascagoula said Robertson would not say how much Simpson will be paid.
Either way, something doesn’t smell right. Think about it: Three state lawmakers are preparing to profit off of a major disaster – and two of them are from the Coast.
Sounds like a possible ethics issue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No stae help in Gautier Mississippi except a token for the news camers. Another week of no help has gone by.We are politely promised help but no call contact as to why no show and no help. (?) This area of Gautier seem to be ignored. We know the hurricane was awful but this so called help is mostly only talk. Most of my neighbors say I am wasting my time by calling the help centers that the state has set up. People with words that mean to say what you want to hear. But no Help and no money to help yourself. A polite circle of doors. More depressing than the hurricane was. It gives one an attitude!

July 13, 2007 1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE THE PEOPLE have had NO help since hurricane katrina hit! The government officials LIED. They have done NOTHING for my family in two years. I'm sick of their empty promises! I know who I WON'T vote for next time!!

July 25, 2007 12:00 PM  

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