Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reason 6 to vote Democratic

Reason 6 to vote Democratic on Nov. 7: Hurricane Katrina grant program.

Congress approved $5 billion in Hurricane Katrina aid for Mississippi in December 2005. About $3 billion was used for the Homeowner Grant Program to financially help homeowners who flooded even though they lived outside the federal flood zone.

But here we are, nearly 14 months since Katrina devastated the Coast, and the Homeowner Grant program is moving at a snail’s pace. As of Oct. 11, for example, 1,300 checks had been written to Coast residents even though more than 17,000 people applied.

Republican Gov. Haley Barbour and the Mississippi Development Authority, whose executive director Barbour appointed, should be embarrassed. They are administering the program – one of Barbour’s top storm relief programs – and they are dragging their feet.

You can make a difference: Vote Democratic and help those who need our help.


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